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How to use this reader:

Beginning today and through resurrection Sunday (4/12) Melissa and I will be putting out a daily reader and sometimes videos as a way for us to stay connected to Jesus, each other and His mission. Our hope is that the readings and short videos will be an encouragement to you and also a daily time to pause and center ourselves on Jesus in the midst of the disorientation that has set upon us due to the COVID 19 crisis.

Every day we will post this reader on our website. You will be invited to two minutes of stillness before the Lord. (If you’ve never done this, it will probably be difficult. Give yourself grace. You will get better with time.) You will then read a scripture, followed by a short devotional.

Every day you will be reminded to consider the ‘weekly question’ that leads to an action step. Each day we will wrap up the Reader with prayer and end together with 2 minutes of silence again.

Looking forward to being on this adventure with you for the next few weeks!

Church For The Nations

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