Day Seventeen

Light | Reader – Easter 2020

Silence and stillness before God (2 minutes)

Reading: Hebrews 4:16

Let us then approach God's throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.


None of us have it all together, that's why we need Jesus. The last couple of weeks have exposed our fragility and our need for grace more than ever. What's grace? Grace is God's kindness. It is God treating us better than we deserve, and when we get it wrong, God giving us another shot and empowering us to get it right.

Grace is one of God's communicable attributes. It is a part of His nature that he shares with us. In contrast to his incommunicable attributes, like His all-knowingness, His ever-presentness, and His all-powerfulness. His communicable attributes are qualities that humans and God share. Among other things, we share His ability to love, to have wisdom and to have forgiveness and grace.

Grace is God giving us life, opening our eyes to the love of Jesus and giving us the Holy Spirit as a companion day-to-day. Grace is choosing to forgive ourselves and others when we could be harsh or critical. Grace is getting a kid a bike, and taking the time to teach him/her to ride it, tenderly applying a bandaid when they scrape their knee and lovingly encouraging them to get back on. Grace is being with them in the process and finally letting go.

Grace is trusting that you've done enough. God is the only one that manages the tension-filled dance of grace, justice, and holiness perfectly. It is God's will for us to be like Jesus, yet He knows. He knows how frail we really are and while He is perfect, He can empathize with when we don't get things perfectly right. This is especially true when trying something new and finding ourselves in the middle of adjusting to a new way of life, like we're doing these days. Our doing always falls short. Always. Yet, His grace is always enough.

Question to consider this week: In what ways can you invite Jesus into this moment with you?

Action step: Make a decision to be more like God today and offer yourself and others a little more grace.

Prayer:  Jesus, I turn to you today. Thank you for your grace. Thank you that you do not treat me as my sins deserve. Help me to be more like you in this way. Remind me of this when I am frustrated. Help me to have grace on myself and others today. In Your name, I pray, amen.

Conclude with silence (2 minutes)

- Luis

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